Mitigating external threats caused by human error, faster.

PrivaSee enables insight into employees’ publicly exposed corporate data using OSINT tools and helps management of the risk associated with it so that the company can respond quickly and effectively to public risks with corporate data imposed on the company.

An increasing number of data breaches due to employee mistakes that impose huge security and financial risks on businesses.

On average, it would cost $3.92 million for the businesses in the US for a data breach, which will devastate a business in terms of financial cost and company reputation.
47% of C-Suites believe the main cause of a data breach is employee negligence. However, sometimes it can be hard to detect your employee's online presence.
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PrivaSee is here to help you obtain a better overview of your employee's public data related to your business, and provide insight for potential data breach and credential leaks.

How are we different from traditional OSINT tools?

Traditional OSINT Tools

  • Data Scanning
  • Data Visualization

  • Data Scanning
  • Meaningful Data Visualization
  • Employee Online Presence Analysis
  • Risk Management


Collect information online through Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to check for data risks due to employee negligence. Provide intuitive reports to conceptualize existing threats.

  • Phishing Assessment
  • Compromised Accounts Detections
  • Credential Leaks on Public Repository


Provide data visualization on the state of the company’s employee security risks

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Allows the business to directly take action in reaching out to the employees are subjected to the external risks on the organization

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Help protect our client’s interests by helping companies better understand and bolster their online security.

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We are an energetic team from the Information School at the University of Washington.


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